Ceramic and porcelain tiles are beautiful, there’s no doubt about it.  But tiles can be cold, uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time and vulnerable to breakage. Now you can get the beauty of tile without the drawbacks.

Top of its trend, luxury vinyl tile has some of the most realistic patterns and textures that can fool even the most discerning eyes.  It’s easy to maintain, comfortable to stand on, and resists scuffs and scratches.  There are a variety of styles, colours and sizes to choose from that fits any budget.

“High quality sheet vinyl has made a comeback in the past few years,” says Michelle Souter-Ulch, president of Durham-based Dodd & Souter Flooring.  ‘With more realistic patterns, textures and sheen, clients have found it to be a great alternative to ceramic tile.  And it can be more budget friendly than ceramic or porcelain tile.”

Similar to the ceramic tile, luxury vinyl tile can be applied using grout, available in complementary shades, to give it an even more craftsman-installed appearance. Both luxury vinyl tile and sheet vinyl are easy to maintain. Retailers, such as Dodd & Souter sell cleaning products for each type of floor. Often a damp mop is all you need.

“I have luxury vinyl tile in my home and love it,” says Souter-Ulch.  “People can’t believe it’s not ceramic tile, it looks that good.”

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