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There are now a wider selection of patterns, textures and colors than ever before. Advancements in fiber technology and carpet construction are making carpets softer, more stain-resistant and helping carpets retain their like-new appearance far better than ever before. Berber carpets, patterned carpets and textured cut pile saxonies are among the most popular choices today.

Even carpet cushions have dramatically been improved. Carpet cushions are now available that will block spills from penetrating the cushion and soaking into the sub-floor as well as eliminating odors in your carpet, making them perfect for families with small children and pets

Listed below are some of the advantages to using carpet in your home:



A limitless array of colours, textures, designs and qualities. It's a case of any colour you like with carpet!



Soft, tactile, comfortable and cozy, nothing quite matches the feel of padding around on a soft, sumptuous carpet. It is sheer luxury underfoot!



Noiseless underfoot, it absorbs sound. Due to its soft cushioning properties, carpet virtually eliminates impact noise and results in a calmer, stress free environment. Properly laid carpet absorbs up to 45db resulting in a quieter life!



Soft and forgiving, carpet is a safe and gentle surface for feet – particularly for little ones!



Don't get cold feet with carpet! Carpet is heat retentive whereas 15% of all household heat disappears through un-insulated floors.



Carpet acts like a sponge, trapping airborne dust with the result that the dust content in carpeted rooms is usually lower than in rooms with smooth floor coverings. The scientific evidence shows carpet to be the 'healthy flooring' option.



Carpet is manufactured at various price points, so whether it is a short term quick fix or a long term need, there is something for everybody!


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